Opening Times

For the Christmas Period the restaurant will be closed on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th December. We will reopen on Monday 30th December.

We will be closed on Wednesday 1st January and reopen as usual on Thursday 2nd.


Mon - Sat 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Mon - Sat 6:00pm - 10:30pm (Last orders)
Sun Closed

Due Amici A La Carte Menu


Starters - Cold

Fresh Marinated Anchovies £7.50
Marinated anchovies in lemon   and orange.  
Duck Liver Pate £7.50
Duck pate with sliced toast   and cranberry sauce.  
Tonno Fagioli £7.80
Tuna,haricot beans, onions   and peppers.  
Insalata Trecolori £8.50
Avocado, mozzarella, tomato   and basil.  
Fondi di Carciofi £7.90
Artichoke hearts marinated   with herbs.  
Avocado, Spinach & Bacon   Salad £8.70
Avocado, spinach, bacon and   french dressing.  
Avocado Gamberetti £9.50
Avocado with prawns and   cocktail sauce.  
Italian Salad £8.50
Green salad with   bacon,fondina and parmesan.  
Prosciutto con Melone £9.20
Parma ham and melon.  
Salmone Affumicato £9.20
Scottish smoked salmon and   capers.  
Insalata Frutti di Mare £9.70
Marinated mixed seafood   salad.  
Antipasto Misto alla Italiana £9.80
Mixed appetisers (selection   of cured italian meats).  
Royal Prawn Cocktail £10.80
Prawns in a marie rose   sauce,with a large mediterrenian prawn.  
Avocado Crab or Crab Cocktail £11.80
Fresh cornish crab with   cocktail sauce.  
Carpaccio di Manzo £13.00
Marinated beef, olives and   parmesan cheese.  
Mediterranean Prawns £15.00
Large   mediterrenian prawns served on a bed of fresh salad.
Half Lobster Cocktail £21.00
Half   lobster served on a bed of mixed leaves with cocktail sauce.




Garlic   Bread £3.80
Slices of bread with garlic   and parsley.  
Bruschetta £4.50
Grilled   Italian bread with chopped tomatoes, spring onions and herbs.
Chef Choice of Soup of the Day £7.80
Soup of the day  
Grilled Sardines £7.80
Fresh grilled sardines with   garlic and parsley.  
Deep Fried Whitebait £7.50
Fried whitebait.  
Capelle di Funghi Farciti £7.80
Baked   mushrooms stuffed with chopped tomatoes and onions.
Melanzane Parmigiana £8.20
Baked aubergine with tomato   and mozzarella cheese.  
Funghi con Dolcelatte £8.50
Mushroom with a dolcelata   cheese sauce.  
Fresh Asparagus of your choice £8.40
Choice of butter or parmesan   gratin.  
Fresh Moules Mariniere or   Provençal £8.90
Mussels with Provencial or   Mariniere sauce.  
Costate di Maiale (Ribs) £9.50
Spare ribs in marsala and red   wine.  
Funghi Due Amici £9.70
Flat   mushroom, bacon, strips of fillet steak in a red wine and chilli sauce.
Avocado Amicizia £9.70
Baked avocado with prawns and   Stilton cheese.  
Snails Bourgogne (six) £10.50
Fresh snails with butter and   brandy.  
Fried Calamari £9.90
Fresh squid rings deep fried.  
Gujons of Lemon Sole £11.50
Fresh strips of lemon sole   deep fried.  
Kidneys "al Jerez" £11.20
Kidneys with mushroom, bacon   and Jerez liquor.  
Fresh Scallops in Brandy Sauce £13.80
Fresh grilled scallops with a   garlic and Brandy sauce.  
Fresh   Scallops with Pancetta £13.80
Scallops wrapped with   pancetta in garlic sauce.  
Tiger Prawns   "Belutti" £13.80
Tiger prawns in a celeriac   sauce,topped with parmesan.  
Evil Crab 'au gratin' £13.80
Fresh crab with cream and   brandy,topped with parmesan.  
King Prawns in Garlic Butter £13.80
Prawns cooked in garlic,   butter and white wine.




  Starter Main
Lasagna Casalinga £8.50 £11.90
Beef,bechamel sauce,tomato and   parmesan cheese.    
Cannelloni della Casa £8.50 £11.90
Stuffed pancakes with minced   veal and spinach.    
Crespelle *vegetarian £8.50 £11.90
Stuffed pancakes with ricotta   cheese and spinach.    
Spaghetti Aglio Olio &   Peperoncino *vegetarian £8.20 £11.90
Cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili   peppers and olive oil.    
Spaghetti Napoli *vegetarian £8.50 £11.90
Tomato sauce and basil.    
Spaghetti Bolognese £8.90 £11.90
Minced beef, tomato, onion and   herbs.    
Spaghetti alla Vongole £11.50 £13.90
Fresh clams, tomato sauce,   garlic and herbs.    
Spaghetti alla Carbonara £8.80 £11.90
Egg, bacon, cream and parsley.    
Spaghetti Primavera *vegetarian £8.80 £11.90
Mixed vegetable and tomato   sauce.    
Fettuccine al Salmone £9.80 £12.80
Smoked salmon and cream.    
Penne alla Matriciana £8.90 £12.80
Bacon, chilli, tomato sauce,   onion, garlic and herbs.    
Homemade Ravioli *vegetarian £8.90 £12.80
Fresh   ravioli stuffed with ricotta spinach in asparagus & cream sauce    
Penne al tonno £8.10 £10.10
Tuna   in a rich tomato sauce with olives and fresh basil.  
Spaghetti frutti di Mare £12.80 £16.80
Spaghetti   in a tomato sauce with a selection of seafood.  
Risotto Vegeteriano *vegetarian £8.70 £12.70
Rice, mixed vegetables and   tomato sauce.    
Risotto Bolognese £8.90 £12.90
Rice, minced beef, tomato,   onion and herbs.    
Risotto con Pollo £8.90 £12.90
Rice,chicken,   tomato, mushroom, onion and a dash of cream.    
Risotto frutti di Mare £12.50 £16.50
Rice in a tomato sauce with a   selection of seafood.    


Pollo Principessa £12.50
Crumbed breast of   chicken,saute with asparagus in a tomato sauce.  
Pollo Maria £11.80
Breast of chicken with   shallots, mushrooms, tomato, cream and white wine.  
Pollo Contadino £11.80
Breast   of chicken with peppers,onions,capers,gherkins,olive and tomato.
Pollo Forestiero £11.80
Breast of chicken, shallots,   mushrooms and dijon mustard.  
Pollo Strogonoff with rice £13.50
Strips   of chicken, mushroom, onion, gherkins, paprika and cream.
Polastrino Mattone £14.50
Baby chicken with lemon juice   and white wine.  
Polastrino Diavola £14.50
Baby chicken in chilli sauce.  
Roast Duck £19.90
Duck with apricot or cherry   Sauce.  
Roast Duck a'lOrange £19.90
Duck in orange  


Vitello Picante £14.20
Veal   escalope with mixed peppers, tomatoes, chilli and white wine.
Scaloppine di Vitello al   Limone £14.20
Veal escalope in lemon juice   and white wine sauce.  
Scaloppine Funghetti £14.20
Veal escalope with mushrooms,   cream, paprika, wine and onion.  
Vitello Romantica £14.50
Veal escalope with cured   ham,sage and white wine sauce  
Vitello alla Milanese £14.90
Veal escalope in breadcrumbs.  
Vitello Marina £16.50
Veal escalope with squid,   prawns,mussels, chili and tomatoes.  
Nodino di Vitello £19.50
Plain grilled veal chop or   with butter and sage.  
Costoletta di Vitello alla   Milanese £19.50
Veal chop in breadcrumbs  
Selection of Vegetables of the   Day £4.90
Selections of side   orders are available on the last page
of the menu.  


Abbacchio alla Chef £19.80
Lamb   cutlets with chef sauce (mushroom, shallots,cocktail onions and red wine).
Abbacchio con Olive £19.80
Lamb cutlets with mixed   olives, garlic, white wine and rosemary.  
Rack of Lamb   "Strobiana" £19.80
Rack of Lamb grilled with a   red wine sauce (on the side).  
Dutch Calves Liver with Bacon £14.90
Slices of liver with bacon  
Dutch Calves Liver Butter   & Sage £14.90
Slices of liver in butter and   sage  
Costata di Manzo £21.80
Grilled sirloin steak.  
Grilled Rib Eye £21.80
Grilled rib eye steak and   grilled tomato.  
Filetto di Manzo £23.50
Grilled fillet steak.  
Filetto of Beef Strogonoff   with Rice £24.50
Fillet of premium beef in a   stoganoff sauce.  
Beef Medallion with Porcini   & cream Sauce £24.50
Beef medallions with porcini mushrooms & a cream sauce.  
Beef Medallion in Port &   stilton sauce £24.50
Slices of beef with port cream   & stilton sauce  
Grilled T-Bone steak  £29.90
Grilled T-Bone steak with   grilled tomato.  
Grilled Salmon £14.50
Cod Mornay or Provençal £14.90
Grilled Salmon with Doriana sauce £16.00
Skate with Black Butter & Capers £17.80
Monk Fish Provençal £18.50
Grilled Sea Bass £18.50
Grilled Sea Bream £18.50
Grilled Lemon Sole £20.50
Grilled Halibut £21.00
King Prawns with Garlic & White Wine Sauce £22.80
Grilled Turbot £23.00
Grilled Mixed Fish £24.50
Grilled Dover Sole From £28.00
Cold Seafood Platter From £29.50
Crayfish Tails 'au gratin' £34.00
Fresh Lobster 'as you like' From £37.50
Selection of Vegetables of the Day £4.90
Pepper Sauce/Diana Sauce/Chef   Sauce/  £2.90

Stilton & Port   Sauce/Bernaise Sauce/



Provençal Sauce/Pizzaiola   Sauce





           SIDE ORDERS

     Selection of Vegetables of the   Day £4.90
     Mixed vegetables with butter   and saute potatoes.  
     Fresh Individual Vegetables £3.20
     Mangetout / green beans /   carrots / broccoli / peas  
     Fresh Spinach £3.50
     Boiled spinach or saute with   garlic.  
      Fresh Asparagus £5.50
      Asparagus with butter or   plain.  
      Broccoli or Cauliflower with   Cheese £3.30
      Boiled broccoli or cauliflower   topped with cheese.  
      Piselli alla Francese £3.50
      Peas with cream, ham and   cabbage.  
      Zucchini Fritti  £3.80
      Deep fried courgettes  
      New Potatoes £3.20
      Boiled potatoes with butter.  
      Chips £3.20
      Homemade fries.  
      Rice £4.80
      Plain boiled rice  
      Mixed salad £4.50
      Tomatoes, onions and mixed   leaves.  
      Tomato Onion Salad £3.90
      Beef tomato, red onion and oregano.  
      Pasta (as side order) £5.50
Arrabiata/matriciana/aglio   olio/bolognese  


Selection of Desserts from the Trolley from £6.50
Ice cream - £5.50
Zabaglione Al Marsala (for 2 people)
Hot Egg Souffle with Marsala Wine - £12.90
Crepes Suzette (for 2 people)
Pancakes Flamed in Brandy with Fresh Orange Juice & Grand Marnier - £19.50
Selection of Cheeses from £8.50

Coffee (Filter or Decaffeinated) - £3.25
Espresso - £2.95
Cappuccino - £3.25