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We will be closed for our annual Summer break from Sunday 24th July reopening on Tuesday 9th August.




Tues - Sat 12:00pm - 2:30pm (last orders for kitchen)
Tues - Sat 5:30pm - 9.30pm (last orders for kitchen) 
Sun Closed

Due Amici A La Carte Menu



Starters - Cold

Fresh Marinated Anchovies £8.90
Marinated anchovies in lemon   and orange.  
Duck Liver Pate £8.60
Duck pate with sliced toast   and cranberry sauce.  
Tonno Fagioli £8.80
Tuna,haricot beans, onions   and peppers.  
Insalata Trecolori £8.90
Avocado, mozzarella, tomato   and basil.  
Fondi di Carciofi £9.20
Artichoke hearts marinated   with herbs.  
Avocado, Spinach & Bacon   Salad £8.90
Avocado, spinach, bacon and   french dressing.  
Avocado Gamberetti £10.50
Avocado with prawns and   cocktail sauce.  
Italian Salad £8.50
Green salad with  bacon, fondina and parmesan.  
Prosciutto con Melone £9.80
Parma ham and melon.  
Salmone Affumicato £9.80
Scottish smoked salmon and   capers.  
Insalata Frutti di Mare £10.70
Marinated mixed seafood   salad.  
Antipasto Misto alla Italiana £10.50
Mixed appetisers (selection   of cured italian meats).  
Royal Prawn Cocktail £12.80
Prawns in a marie rose   sauce,with a large mediterrenian prawn.  
Avocado Crab or Crab Cocktail £13.00
Fresh cornish crab with   cocktail sauce.  
Carpaccio di Manzo £14.80
Marinated beef, olives and   parmesan cheese.  
Mediterranean Prawns £16.50
Large   mediterrenian prawns served on a bed of fresh salad.
Half Lobster Cocktail £23.50
Half   lobster served on a bed of mixed leaves with cocktail sauce.




Garlic   Bread £4.50
Slices of bread with garlic   and parsley.  
Bruschetta £4.90
Grilled   Italian bread with chopped tomatoes, spring onions and herbs.
Chef Choice of Soup of the Day £7.80
Soup of the day  
Grilled Sardines £8.40
Fresh grilled sardines with   garlic and parsley.  
Deep Fried Whitebait £8.40
Fried whitebait.  
Capelle di Funghi Farciti £8.40
Baked   mushrooms stuffed with chopped tomatoes and onions.
Melanzane Parmigiana £9.90
Baked aubergine with tomato   and mozzarella cheese.  
Funghi con Dolcelatte £9.10
Mushroom with a dolcelata   cheese sauce.  
Fresh Asparagus of your choice £9.20
Choice of butter or parmesan   gratin.  
Fresh Moules Mariniere or   Provençal £9.90
Mussels with Provencial or   Mariniere sauce.  
Costate di Maiale (Ribs) £11.00
Spare ribs in marsala and red   wine.  
Funghi Due Amici £11.00
Flat   mushroom, bacon, strips of fillet steak in a red wine and chilli sauce.
Avocado Amicizia £10.70
Baked avocado with prawns and   Stilton cheese.  
Snails Bourgogne (six) £11.50
Fresh snails with butter and   brandy.  
Fried Calamari £9.90
Fresh squid rings deep fried.  
Goujons of Lemon Sole £12.50
Fresh strips of lemon sole   deep fried.  
Kidneys "al Jerez" £11.90
Kidneys with mushroom, bacon   and Jerez liquor.  
Fresh Scallops in Brandy Sauce £14.50
Fresh grilled scallops with a   garlic and Brandy sauce.  
Fresh   Scallops with Pancetta £14.50
Scallops wrapped with   pancetta in garlic sauce.  
Tiger Prawns   "Belutti" £13.80
Tiger prawns in a celeriac   sauce,topped with parmesan.  
Evil Crab 'au gratin' £14.50
Fresh crab with cream and   brandy,topped with parmesan.  

King Prawns in Garlic Butter


Prawns cooked in garlic,   butter and white wine.





  Starter Main
Lasagna Casalinga £9.80 £14.20
Beef,bechamel sauce,tomato and   parmesan cheese.    
Cannelloni della Casa £9.80 £14.20
Stuffed pancakes with minced   veal and spinach.    
Crespelle *vegetarian £9.50 £13.90
Stuffed pancakes with ricotta   cheese and spinach.    
Spaghetti Aglio Olio &   Peperoncino *vegetarian £9.50 £13.90
Cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili   peppers and olive oil.    
Spaghetti Napoli *vegetarian £9.50 £13.90
Tomato sauce and basil.    
Spaghetti Bolognese £9.80 £14.20
Minced beef, tomato, onion and   herbs.    
Spaghetti alla Vongole £12.50 £16.90
Fresh clams, tomato sauce,   garlic and herbs.    
Spaghetti alla Carbonara £9.50 £13.90
Egg, bacon, cream and parsley.    
Spaghetti Primavera *vegetarian £9.50 £13.90
Mixed vegetable and tomato   sauce.    
Penne al Salmone £10.80 £14.80
Smoked salmon and cream.    
Penne alla Matriciana £9.50 £13.90
Bacon, chilli, tomato sauce,   onion, garlic and herbs.    
Homemade Ravioli *vegetarian £9.90 £14.80
Fresh   ravioli stuffed with ricotta spinach in asparagus & cream sauce    
Penne al tonno £8.10 £10.10
Tuna   in a rich tomato sauce with olives and fresh basil.  
Spaghetti frutti di Mare £13.80 £18.50
Spaghetti   in a tomato sauce with a selection of seafood.  
Risotto Vegeteriano *vegetarian £9.50 £13.50
Rice, mixed vegetables and   tomato sauce.    
Risotto Bolognese £9.80 £13.90
Rice, minced beef, tomato,   onion and herbs.    
Risotto con Pollo £9.80 £13.90
Rice, chicken,   tomato, mushroom, onion and a dash of cream.    
Risotto frutti di Mare £14.50 £18.90
Rice in a tomato sauce with a   selection of seafood.    


Pollo Principessa £13.70
Crumbed breast of   chicken,saute with asparagus in a tomato sauce.  
Pollo Maria £13.70
Breast of chicken with   shallots, mushrooms, tomato, cream and white wine.  
Pollo Contadino £13.80
Breast   of chicken with peppers,onions,capers,gherkins,olive and tomato.
Pollo Forestiero £13.80
Breast of chicken, shallots,   mushrooms and dijon mustard.  
Pollo Strogonoff with rice £14.80
Strips   of chicken, mushroom, onion, gherkins, paprika and cream.
Polastrino Mattone £15.00
Baby chicken with lemon juice   and white wine.  
Polastrino Diavola £15.00
Baby chicken in chilli sauce.  
Roast Duck £22.50
Duck with apricot or cherry   Sauce.  
Roast Duck a'lOrange £22.50
Duck in orange  


Vitello Picante £16.80
Veal   escalope with mixed peppers, tomatoes, chilli and white wine.
Scaloppine di Vitello al   Limone £16.80
Veal escalope in lemon juice   and white wine sauce.  
Scaloppine Funghetti £16.80
Veal escalope with mushrooms,   cream, paprika, wine and onion.  
Vitello Romantica £16.80
Veal escalope with cured   ham,sage and white wine sauce  
Vitello alla Milanese £16.80
Veal escalope in breadcrumbs.  
Vitello Marina £18.00
Veal escalope with squid,   prawns,mussels, chili and tomatoes.  
Nodino di Vitello £21.00
Plain grilled veal chop or   with butter and sage.  
Costoletta di Vitello alla   Milanese £19.80
Veal chop in breadcrumbs  
Selection of Vegetables of the   Day £4.90
Selections of side   orders are available on the last page
of the menu.  


Abbacchio alla Chef £21.50
Lamb   cutlets with chef sauce (mushroom, shallots,cocktail onions and red wine).
Abbacchio con Olive £21.50
Lamb cutlets with mixed   olives, garlic, white wine and rosemary.  
Rack of Lamb   "Strobiana" £22.50
Rack of Lamb grilled with a   red wine sauce (on the side).  
Dutch Calves Liver with Bacon £15.50
Slices of liver with bacon  
Dutch Calves Liver Butter   & Sage £15.50
Slices of liver in butter and   sage  
Costata di Manzo £23.50
Grilled sirloin steak.  
Grilled Rib Eye £24.80
Grilled rib eye steak and   grilled tomato.  
Filetto di Manzo £25.90
Grilled fillet steak.  
Filetto of Beef Strogonoff   with Rice £24.80
Fillet of premium beef in a   stoganoff sauce.  
Beef Medallion with Porcini   & cream Sauce £25.50
Beef medallions with porcini mushrooms & a cream sauce.  
Beef Medallion in Port &   stilton sauce £25.50
Slices of beef with port cream   & stilton sauce  
Grilled T-Bone steak  £32.00
Grilled T-Bone steak with   grilled tomato.  
Grilled Salmon £15.80
Cod Mornay or Provençal £16.80
Grilled Salmon with Doriana sauce £17.00
Skate with Black Butter & Capers £21.50
Monk Fish Provençal £21.00
Grilled Sea Bass £21.00
Grilled Sea Bream £21.00
Grilled Lemon Sole  from £24.00
Grilled Halibut  from £25.00
King Prawns with Garlic & White Wine Sauce £24.50
Grilled Turbot  from £28.00
Grilled Mixed Fish £28.00
Grilled Dover Sole From £33.00
Cold Seafood Platter  £35.50
Crayfish Tails 'au gratin' £39.50
Fresh Lobster 'as you like' From £46.00
Selection of Vegetables of the Day £5.20
Pepper Sauce/Diana Sauce/Chef   Sauce/  £2.90

Stilton & Port   Sauce/Bernaise Sauce/



Provençal Sauce/Pizzaiola   Sauce





           SIDE ORDERS

     Selection of Vegetables of the   Day £5.20
     Mixed vegetables with butter   and saute potatoes.  
     Fresh Individual Vegetables £3.20
     Mangetout / green beans /   carrots / broccoli / peas  
     Fresh Spinach £3.80
     Boiled spinach or saute with   garlic.  
      Fresh Asparagus £6.00
      Asparagus with butter or   plain.  
      Broccoli or Cauliflower with   Cheese £3.40
      Boiled broccoli or cauliflower   topped with cheese.  
      Piselli alla Francese £3.50
      Peas with cream, ham and   cabbage.  
      Zucchini Fritti  £3.90
      Deep fried courgettes  
      New Potatoes £3.40
      Boiled potatoes with butter.  
      Chips £3.40
      Homemade fries.  
      Rice £4.80
      Plain boiled rice  
      Mixed salad £4.50
      Tomatoes, onions and mixed   leaves.  
      Tomato Onion Salad £4.20
      Beef tomato, red onion and oregano.  
      Pasta (as side order) £6.00
Arrabiata/matriciana/aglio   olio/bolognese  


Selection of Desserts from the Trolley from £6.80
Ice cream - £5.50

Zabaglione Al Marsala (for 2 people) 

Hot souffle with Marsala Wine - £12.90

Crepes Suzette (for 2 people)

Pancakes Flamed in Brandy with Fresh Orange Juice & Grand Marnier - £19.50

Selection of Cheeses from £8.50

Coffee (Filter or Decaffeinated) - £3.25
Espresso - £2.95
Cappuccino - £3.30